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You’re invited: UAL Futures Studio Summit 2030

This UAL Futures + IAM event welcomes a mix of students, staff, alumni, and creative professionals.

On Tuesday 20 MarchUniversity of the Arts London are hosting the first UAL Futures Studio Summit in partnership with IAMwhere students will launch a set of Planetary Futures Goals for 2030.

Please click here to apply to attend.

The event is about bringing creative friends and educators together with UAL Futures Studio participants, alumni and learning partners to think about how we empower collectives of young people to bring about positive change.

We’re inviting individuals, collectives, agencies, studios, media, and brands we admire to join the UAL Futures Network, connect with students and graduates, and reflect on projects developed in the UAL Futures Studio in 2017/18.

UAL Futures Studios are experimental learning labs blending futures thinking and radical collaboration to prototype collective creative responses to wicked technological, social and cultural drivers.

Our purpose is to connect and empower people to critically understand and shape the way technology impacts the futures for the things we care about.

How might individuals use Empowered Data? 

Can the internet consist of Conscious Networks? 

How might Label-less Spaces connect us? 

Can Cosmic Data lead to techno-transcendence?

At the Futures Studio Summit, we’ll explore these questions, share our insights, and actively introduce you to our principles, frameworks, and rituals for cross-disciplinary, collaborative learning.

At the end of the evening, we’ll have collectively created an alternative agenda for 2030. And activated a Futures Network of people and organizations who want to empower youth to invent better Futures.

Before our next stop – IAM Weekend 2018 – when we’ll showcase our goals with 300 equally influential and curious minds from around the world.

UAL Futures Studio Summit 2030 – Event Details 

Date: Tuesday 20 March 6pm – 9pm

Location: Central Saint Martins, LVMH Lecture Theatre

Please register your interest here. We hope you can join us.