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CSM students win UAL Olympus UK Photography Awards 2018

Congratulations to CSM 4D BA Fine Art students Nicolas Alberto Canal Tinius and Anastasia Alekseeva, who have both won prizes at the UAL Olympus UK Photography Awards 2018!

Responding to the theme ‘Photo Evidence: Between (Media) Representation and Reality’, students were asked to submit work in three categories – Print, Projection and Multimedia – and the winner of each category will receive professional equipment from OLYMPUS.

The selected 23 finalists: Rafael Morales Cendejas, Tammy Smith, Marie Cognacq, Emily Thomas, Lara Orawski, Mine Cemre Ozer, Nicolas Alberto Canal Tinius, Penny Hartley, Maria Clara Lorusso, Rosie Haynes, Thomas Hywel Cardew, Anastasia Alekseeva, Kateryna Shevchenko, Bianca Trombi, Jo Kimmins, Elizabeth Reid, Alexander Harding, Fabio Rovai, Jiwon Choi, Luca Strano, Marcin Nowak and Sarah Hollebon.

Multimedia winner: 

El Cine Cubano, by Nicolas Alberto Canal Tinius

“Until the Cuban Revolution succeeded in 1961, my family owned cinemas across the island. As a result of the revolution, they were exiled, the cinemas became the property of the government, and subsequently decayed steadily in the forthcoming decades.

The images used here come from ‘Cine Cubano’ (1967), a magazine which highlights revolutionary activity in the cinema. Within it, they reject cinema of the time as “almost always reactionary cinema” – reactionary being in opposition to political and/or social change.”

Projection winner: 

Waterfront, by Anastasia Alekseeva

“I approached the project by taking long walks and observing the world around me and then choosing to focus on particular aspects which drew me. It was interesting to observe that once you remove an element from its context, it opens itself up to boundless narrative potential, which in this case I explored through adding sound to the footage I shot.”