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New room numbers at Camberwell


Please see the attached floor plans to find new room numbers for all academic buildings at Camberwell College of Arts. Please note for reasons of security these are for staff use only and should not be shared with students.

New_room-nos_for_STAFF_smll 1

New_room-nos_for_STAFF_smll 2

New_room-nos_for_STAFF_smll 3

New_room-nos_for_STAFF_smll 4

New_room-nos_for_STAFF_smll 5

New_room-nos_for_STAFF_smll 6

New_room-nos_for_STAFF_smll 7

There are two main changes to how buildings and rooms at Peckham Road will be signposted. Firstly all buildings have been assigned a letter rather than using descriptive names, so all room names will begin with a letter:

A block = 1970’s block

B block = New academic building

C block = Victorian Building south block

D Block = Victorian Building north block

Secondly, within A Block floor numbers have been adjusted in preparation for the new reception. For example, the Digital Media resource centre will be described as being on the second floor of Block B, rather than the first floor of the 1970’s building.