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New Printing Facilities at CSM King’s Cross

Where are the new printing facilities?

CSM has undergone extensive improvements to our printmaking facilities, which have been relocated from our Archway campus to King’s Cross! You can now access all printmaking workshops on a single site on the third floor in E block. The new space features digital and traditional printmaking facilities side by side in a single hybrid space, where digital and analogue can come together. This opportunity has never been available before at CSM, and you can also benefit from an improved quality of environment and increased ventilation.

Who can use the printing equipment?

Graphic Communication Design and Fine Art students are the most frequent users of our print facilities, but any CSM student can have a go, as long as it’s relevant to your course and you have permission from your tutor. If you need one-time use the facilities, our technicians can help you complete your project. If you need regular use of the facilities, it will be helpful for you to attend an induction and be trained in how to operate the equipment safely.

What’s available in the new hybrid print space?

One of the major advantages of our new facilities is the ability to print onto unusual media. You could explore printing onto glass, metal, latex, leather, cloth and even ice! You’re encouraged to be experimental and think outside the box. You can also explore printing in layers to build up your surface, creating braille and other embossed finishes, or apply a gloss or mat varnish. Our new plotter cutter means you can cut vinyl in any colour, pattern or finish you have in mind. You’re no longer restricted to just black or white text, and you can even print double-sided, if you’re installing vinyl onto glass, for example. Students can also make use of a brand-new laser printer in the space for pre-agreed projects.

Now that these new facilities are available on site, we would like to ask all CSM students to use this equipment for experimental printing, and not the regular MFD printers throughout the building. The MFD printers are designed for basic paper printing only, and not for unusual media.

If you’re interested in using the hybrid print space, pop down to speak to our technicians and book in a slot.

What’s available in the traditional printmaking space?

In addition to our digital printing facilities, you can also explore etching, screenprinting, lithography, photo lithography, wood cuts, linocuts, monoprinting and more! Our acid units for etching have large trays, meaning you can be ambitious with your scale and think big. We have plenty of storage drawers in our new workshop, so you can store your work safely on site. You can purchase most of the materials you might need for your printmaking project from the studio, including metal, paper, inks and fabrics. We also have a brand-new UV light machine in the dark room, and new large tables with solid glass surfaces are available for you to work on. There’s a camera in the space for you to photograph completed prints for your portfolio, alongside mac computers and scanners.

What other complementary print studios are available?

Our Letterpress, Digital Access Print and Surface Design Print studios are just next door to the new hybrid print space. Visit the OTTER website for more information on the facilities and how to book.

How much will it cost me to use the facilities?

Students will be charged for use of the facilities on the e-store. You will only ever have to pay for the materials and ink that you use, meaning you always get a fair price. Pop down to speak to our technicians, who can give you a cost estimate before you get started.

How do I join the printmaking community?

Join the CSM Printmaking Facebook group to get involved in the college’s print community. The group host student and staff exhibitions in June every year, which are open to all courses.

The CSM printmaking ethos is be creative and give things a go. As long as you’re not putting yourself or the equipment in danger, the opportunities are endless.