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Maintaining our floors

In the Summer of 2018, The Street underwent a major refurbishment to repair trip hazards, water damage and discolouration. We would like to encourage all staff and students to work together in maintaining The Street, so that the surface can remain in a good condition longterm.

Guidelines for day to day use

1) Mats and coverings should be laid on top of the floor, underneath heavy items. The Estates Department can provide a detailed specification of suitable mats.
2) Mats can only be in place for a period of up to 3 weeks. Mats should not be left in situ for longer, as this may cause discolouration to the surface of the floor.
3) Anything sharp may scratch and dent the surface of the floor, therefore mats and coverings should be used to offer protection.
4) Heavy items should be moved using lifting machinery with pneumatic tyres. Corex sheeting should also be used to move heavy materials across the surface.
5) If you need to use adhesive tape on the floor, the Estates Department can provide a list of suitable tape which won’t cause any unnecessary damage. Please do not use any form of sticky tape, duct tape or similar.
6) Please note that if you are doing any form of artwork on top of the woodern floor, it should be appropriately protected at all times. Please only use spray cans within designated spray booths.


Historically, water has caused irreparable damage to The Street. We would therefore suggest that the following guidelines are adhered to:

1) All displays which use water / create excessive moisture on The Street should be avoided, and such installations should be created elsewhere in the building.
2) Any water spillages should be mopped up immediately to avoid water penetrating the surface.

Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS)

Anyone using The Street for an event or activity will be asked to provide a RAMS document, specifying how they will protect the floor when moving items into place, and how they will protect the actual area that the displays are resting on. Please speak to your tutor for guidance on this.

Materials to protect the floor

The following materials should be used when protecting the floor:

Proplex 2mm Rolls or Proplex 4mm