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Karla Roman Travel Bursary for architecture students

LOM architecture and design practice have established a £2,000 annual travel bursary in memory of Karla Roman, a talented architect and colleague who was killed while cycling to work in February 2017.

The purpose of the bursary is to support travel by architecture students as part of their education or wider studies. The bursary will be awarded to the applicant providing the most creative and compelling case for support, with financial circumstances and need being taken into account.

How to apply

Applications for this year’s bursary should be submitted by Monday 31st December 2018. Your submission should include the following information:

  • A copy of your CV
  • A letter of application of between 500-1000 words, describing your circumstances and why your studies would benefit from the travel bursary. You should include a description of where and when you would intend to travel, and an approximate budget for the bursary funds.
  • A reference letter from your tutor or a relevant referee, supporting your submission.

Please send your application by email to or by post to The Glass House, 5 Sclater Street, London E1 6JY. Please mark your application clearly with “Karla Roman travel bursary” in the subject line or envelope.

The winning application will be selected by the practice directors, and the winner will be announced in January 2019.


  • Applicants should be legally resident in the UK, and currently enrolled in a UK-based university studying architecture or similar as a full or part-time undergraduate or postgraduate student.
  • The bursary will be awarded to the applicant providing the most compelling and creative case for support.
  • Applications should be original and give a truthful account of your circumstances.

If you win, you give LOM permission to publish the following:

  • Your name
  • Your area of residence (not your full address)
  • The University you are attending

Visit the LOM website for full terms and conditions