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Competition: Design our 2018 festive campaign for the chance to win £300

Festive Competition

Festive Competition

CSM is commissioning a student to design our 2018 festive digital visual!

This can be a static or animated image, and will be used on the landing page of our website, on screens around the College and in our end-of-year email campaign.

The email campaign will be sent out in mid-December to all of Central Saint Martins’ friends, partners and collaborators, so remember that this is a wide external audience. It will also be given to all programmes to distribute via their own mailing lists.

Your submission can be beautiful, funny, surprising – whatever you think might work. But there are two requirements:

  • It needs to incorporate the UAL/CSM logo
  • It should incorporate the following text:

“Seasons Greetings from all at Central Saint Martins”

Our audience is diverse and we want our festive message to be inclusive, so please be careful not to focus too much on particular religious symbols and elements.

As a digital file it should be easily embedded into an email, therefore should not exceed 1.2MB.


The student who wins the commission will receive £300 as well as a few celebratory mentions across the College’s social media channels (and of course, your work will be seen throughout the building and by all those on our mailing lists).

How to submit

The deadline for submitting design proposals is Friday 30th November, 2018.  An illustrious panel of little elves will select the winning entry! Send all submissions (by email), subject titled ‘2018 Festive Competition’, to Kathryn Lloyd at

Good luck!

More information on formats

Please don’t feel the need to supply your design in all formats for the selection process. This is simply a guide to what will be required once selection has taken place.

CSM website: 

2000 x 480px @ 72dpi – allow space in centre for live text to be added. Doesn’t need the logo in this space. This graphic will resize depending on whether viewed on mobile/desktop/tablet. If the graphic is animated it will need to look good as a still image and will have a play button added for accessibility purposes. 


600px width and up to 300px height @ 72dpi 

File size should not exceed 1.2mb. If the graphic is animated it will need to look good as a still image and will have a play button added for accessibility purposes. Animations will need to be provided as mp4 files and gifs. 


  • For films, please provide file as .wmv. If Mac, mp4 with MPEG-4 CODEC.
  • For still images, please provide a high-resolution jpeg.
  • Files should not be larger than 500mb. 
  • Films should not be longer than 20 seconds.
  • Resolution should be HD i.e. 1920×1080.