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Changes to college access during Metaphonica IV

On Thursday 1st November Metaphonica IV: The House of Beyond Sound will be taking place at CSM. A night of musical experimentation, noise, performance, sound and silence, Metaphonica IV is a collaboration between Central Saint Martins and Mercury KX – the new record label resident in King’s Cross. Visit CSM Ticketing to book your ticket! Due to the event, there will be some impact to college access on both the evenings of 31st October and 1st November.

31st October

  • From 5pm, there may be some restricted access through The Street. Staff will be on hand to direct you via alternative routes as required.

1st November

  • Sound checks are scheduled to take place from 4pm. The event will start at 6pm, and there will be sound of a certain volume from this time.
  • Access to the following locations will be restricted from 5pm. Signage will be in place and staff will be available to direct you.
    • Access to The Street via the stairs at the north of the building will be restricted. Staff and students will be asked to walk via their own studios or via the 1st floor J Block (past the costume store).
    • Access to the north end of The Street will be restricted, except to those involved in the event or that have pre-arranged access.
    • The Staff Club F004, K001, White Lab and Black Lab will all be in use for this event, so access will be restricted except to those involved in or attending Metaphonica. This includes the corridor in between the labs.

Thank you for your understanding, and apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

All ticket holders should come to the Platform Theatre (via Handyside Street) to collect their ticket.

Please contact Nichol Keene or Alex Schady if you have any further questions.