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Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 issue

Due to a change in Adobe’s licensing model, we are currently unable to deploy Adobe 2019 apps to computers in learning and teaching spaces. This means that if you have saved a 2019 version of your work on a personal device, you will not be able to open or edit that work on computers at any UAL site. This affects both Mac and Windows devices.

What’s happening next?

IT Services are speaking with Adobe and EduServ to establish the quickest way Adobe 2019 can be deployed to these computers. We will continue to provide Adobe 2018 until they resolve this issue, as Adobe 2018 and 2019 cannot be applied to a device at the same time.

What can be done in the meantime?

As a workaround, college IT Technicians have been issued Adobe 2019 and are therefore able to ‘downgrade’ any work that has been saved as Adobe 2019 to a 2018 version. This will work to be opened and edited on these university computers. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to save a Premiere Pro project as a 2018 version. IT Services continue to explore a solution for this with Adobe.

Who to contact

If you need a project downgraded to Adobe 2018, please contact a college IT technician for that area. If you have any further questions about the issue in general, please contact the IT service desk on +44 (0)20 7514 9898 (Ext: 9898) or raise a ticket on MySupport.