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Access Control at Camberwell

Access Control at Camberwell 

Peckham Road now has a new system of access control for the new reception, B block and other key areas throughout our buildings.

When the system was initially set up staff & students were requested to activate their ID card at the reader near the library in B block. Once the new reception is complete, this will not be necessary as ID cards should automatically update when you pass through the barriers.

However, if anyone can’t get into an area or a card seems to stop working, double check your card has been recently activated by touching your card on a reader until the lights stop flashing as before. If that doesn’t fix the problem, take your smartcard to the Student Centre (if a student) or the Estates hub (if staff) as applicable. When necessary a new card will be provided free of charge, providing you hand in the old card.

Please note that access is related to building and department opening times i.e. only library staff can get into the library prior to opening time.  Please also note that if you are both a member of staff AND a student you will have / need two cards; staff access cannot be put on student card and vice versa.

If you have tried to activate your card and are still experiencing difficulty accessing rooms at the college, please use your UAL email address to email the following to